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Survey carried out by Janet Gyford

Other posts have similar surveys for 1979, 1984, 1989, 1995-6, and from 2000 onwards.

Some residential property is included as well if it is intermingled with commercial property

In many cases, where there is an address combining several numbers (e.g. 23-27), the individual addresses are written out afterwards in brackets. This is so that a search for one of the individual addresses might find it. This has not been done for long series of residential numbers.

For the same reason, addresses with a, b etc. in the number have the main number in brackets afterwards, e.g. 5a Newland Street (part of 5 Newland Street).

Address Description if any Title Occupation
Braintree Road Factory Crittall’s Metal windows
13 Braintree Road Shop Hammond Grocer
10 Braintree Road Shop Roberts Grocer and greengrocer
13 Bridge Street (site of 13-21) Public house Morning Star Public house
27a Bridge Street (part of 27 Bridge Street) Shop Les Petits Arts ???
29 Bridge Street Public house George and Dragon Public house
31-57 Bridge Street Empty site (41 formerly Claydon’s shop)
69 onwards, Bridge Street Club and bar R.A.F.A. club Club and bar
30 Bridge Street Motorcycle sales Bridge Street Motorcyles
(Founded 1954. See BWT article 23 Feb 1984 filed in people files under B)
Motorcycles, Sales and MOT testing
32 Bridge Street Vacant site (house demolished 1968)
1-5 Chipping Hill (1 Chipping Hill, 3 Chipping Hill, 5 Chipping Hill) (north part, built 1912) Factory Dootson ???
1-5 Chipping Hill (1 Chipping Hill, 3 Chipping Hill, 5 Chipping Hill) (south part, built 1948) Factory Guys Engineering
7 Chipping Hill Bungalow
55 Chipping Hill Shoe repairs Rallings Shoe repairs
Site later 55a Chipping Hill (part of 55 Chipping Hill) Vacant site
2 Chipping Hill Public house The Albert Public house
18 Chipping Hill Forge Forge (Henry Dorking) Blacksmith
Chipping Hill, Vicarage Vicarage Residential
7 Church Street (south part) Public house The Woolpack Public house
7 Church Street (north part) Shop Deonne Haberdashery etc.
9 Church Street (part) (number assumed) Post office Post office Post office
Church Street, (between 9 and 11) Disused Quaker burial ground Disused Quaker burial ground
41a Church Street (part of 41 Church Street) Shop Bradforth Newsagent
Church Street (north of 53) Church Assemblies of God: Bethel chapel. Church
Church Street (south of 71) Car-spraying shed ??? Car-spraying
2 Church Street Public house White Horse Public house
4 Church Street, Oakville House Residential
6 Church Street House Residential
8 Church Street Shop ??? ??? [Adams in flat on electoral roll]
10 Church Street Takeaway H.G.Stibbs Takeaway (fish and chips)
12 Church Street Salon? ??? Hairdressing (ladies)? [Askew in flat on electoral roll]
14 Church Street Shop Collins Confectioners, stationery etc
16 Church Street Shop Coates? Fishing tackle, toys, bike repair?
22 Church Street Store for furniture etc. Shelleys Removals and house clearance
24 Church Street House Residential
26 Church Street House Residential
28-40 Church Street Terrace of houses Known as ‘Charity Row’. Former workhouse. On plaque in plaster has date ‘1714’ and initials ‘TW FR SN WS’ (probably Thomas Woodgate, Francis Raven, churchwardens, Samuel Newton, William Skinner, overseers). Residential
Church Street (north of 40 Church Street, later site of 40a, 40b and 40c)) Shed
48 Church Street Shop V.J.Wood Grocers
56 Church Street (behind) Builder’s yard and undertaker Richards Builders’ yard and undertaker
1 Collingwood Road Part of 38 Newland Street
3 Collingwood Road Side door of 38 Newland Street
3a Collingwood Road (part of 3 Collingwood Road) Betting office Bland (previously Cramphorn, garden shop) Betting office
5 Collingwood Road Shop Norman Holmes Optician?
7 Collingwood Road (part), Lockram Villas (part) House Residential
9 Collingwood Road, Lockram Villas (part) House Residential
11-13 Collingwood Road (11 Collingwood Road, 13 Collingwood Road) Car park, (market on Saturday)
15 Collingwood Road Flats, sheltered accommodation Collingwood House Residential
21 Collingwood Road Dental surgery Higgins Dental surgery
63 Collingwood Road House Residential
69 Collingwood Road Office and meeting hall Witham Labour Party Hall Political party, constituency HQ
2 Collingwood Road Tyre sales Witham Tyre Co. (previously Moys coal yard) Tyre sales
4-6 Collingwood Road (4 Collingwood Road, 6 Collingwood Road) Showroom and shop (small) (and car park) Eastern Electricity Electricity
8 Collingwood Road Office (old bungalow) Selleck Nicholls Williams Building?
10 Collingwood Road Office (old house) Essex County Council Youth Employment office Employment
12 Collingwood Road (south part) Office Witham Urban District Council Local government office
12 Collingwood Road (north part) Hall Public Hall Meeting hall
14 Collingwood Road Club and bar Constitutional Club Club and bar
16 Collingwood Road House Residential
Collingwood Road (east side, north of no. 16) Bowls club, and riding stables, driveway from road Witham Bowls Club and Riding Stable (Osborner?) Bowling green and club and riding stables.
18 Collingwood Road House and veterinary surgeon Walker Residential and veterinary surgeon
48 Collingwood Road Shop (no shopfront) Heddle Clothing
Collingwood Road, Avenue Lodge (east side, corner of the Avenue) Office Maldon Constituency Conservative Association Political office
1969 Cressing Road Public house Cherry Tree Public house
1 Easton Road Workshop and office J.B.Slythe ‘Monumental masons established for over a century’
1 Guithavon Street Photographic studio Alex Muirhead Photographic studio
3-17 Guithavon Street Houses Residential
19 Guithavon Street, Colne House Office Bland Fielden and Co. Accountants
21-37 Guithavon Street Houses
39-49 Guithavon Street Church Methodist Church Methodist Church
Guithavon Street (south side, between 49 and 51) (part) Office Registrar of births etc. Office
Guithavon Street (south side, between 49 and 51) (part) Hall? Methodist Church hall? Meeting hall?
51 Guithavon Street House (set back) Residential
53 Guithavon Street (part) Clinic Health clinic, especially children (Essex County Council) Clinic
53 Guithavon Street (part)) Ambulance station Ambulance station (Essex County Council) Ambulance station
Guithavon Street (south side, near corner of Mill Lane) Public house The Crown Public house
Guithavon Street (south side, corner of Mill Lane (old fire station) Storage? Storage?
2-4 Guithavon Street (2 Guithavon Street, 4 Guithavon Street) Part of 68 Newland Street?
6-8 Guithavon Street, Guithavon Cottages (6 Guithavon Street, 8 Guithavon Street) Houses Residential
10 Guithavon Street (joined to school) Empty National Schools
Guithavon Street (between 10 and 12) Empty National Schools
12 Guithavon Street House Residential
Guithavon Street (north side, west of no. 12) Disused church All Saints Disused C of E church
14 Guithavon Street, Parsonage House Residential
16 Guithavon Street, Woodhams House Residential
Guithavon Street, north of 16 Empty site
17 Guithavon Valley Shop and repairs John Trowles Electrical goods
29-35 Guithavon Valley (29 Guithavon Valley, 31 Guithavon Valley, 33 Guithavon Valley, 35 Guithavon Valley) Council depot Depot Council depot
2-8 Guithavon Valley (2 Guithavon Valley, 4 Guithavon Valley, 6 Guithavon Valley, 8 Guithavon Valley) Houses Residential
The Old Mill House, Guithavon Valley House Residential
Hatfield Road, Bridge Hospital Hospital Bridge Hospital, learning difficulties
Hatfield Road Fire Station (opened 1966) Fire Station Fire Station
Hatfield Road, Ivy Chimneys Accommodation for staff at Bridge Residential
Hatfield Road, Ivy Chimneys Cottages Houses (three) (demolished soon after) Residential
Hatfield Road, corner of Maltings Lane Hotel Park House Hotel Hotel
Hatfield Road, Lynfield House House and cafe Lynfield House House and cafe
Lawn Chase, Lawn House (or The Lawn), later nos. 1-3 Empty building (demolished soon after)
Lockram Lane (behind 40 Newland Street (ground) Salon Chris Deanne Hairdressing
Lockram Lane (behind 40 Newland Street) (above) Restaurant Le Canadien (Ann St.Cyr) Restaurant
1-3 Lockram Lane (consec.) (site of) (1 Lockram Lane, 2 Lockram Lane, 3 Lockram Lane) Empty site, part of yard of 42 Newland Street
6 Lockram Lane, Millfield House (site of) Part of car park
3-5 Maldon Road (3 Maldon Road, 5 Maldon Road) Houses Residential
7-19 Maldon Road Builders’ yard and building Brown’s Building materials
21-23 Maldon Road (21 Maldon Road, 23 Maldon Road) Houses Residential
25 Maldon Road House and shop Falcon Croft? (this the name in 1989 – didn’t note name in 1979) Antiques
27 Maldon Road Salon Esquire Hairdresser, men
31-35 Maldon Road (31 Maldon Road, 33 Maldon Road, 35 Maldon Road) Houses Residential
37 Maldon Road Shop ??? Confectioner, tobacconist etc.
39 Maldon Road Meeting Hall Masons’ hall Meeting Hall
41 Maldon Road House Residential
Maldon Road (old school, south of 41) Community centre Community Centre (in own right) Community centre
43-75 Maldon Road (formerly Trafalgar Square (43-73) and Nelson House (75) ? ? ?
Maldon Road (south of old school) Named houses (three blocks of four, entrance to Elm Cottage between northern two) Residential
Maldon Road (north of 77) Garage Rowley Garage
77-83 Maldon Road, Park Cottages Houses Residential
Maldon Road, The Cottage, (east side; south of road to Blue Mills) House and nursery House and nursery
Maldon Road, Central Buildings (behind 39 Newland Street) (ground) Shop Howson Hairdresser
Maldon Road, Central Buildings (behind 39 Newland Street) (above) ??? ??? ???
Maldon Road (south of Central Buildings) (part of 2 Maldon Road) (later 2d Maldon Road though didn’t use number) Shoe repairs J.Hollick and Son Shoe repairs
Maldon Road (south of Hollick) (part of 2 Maldon Road) (later 2c Maldon Road) ??? (Was told later by John Hollick that Empire House, here in 1979, were preceded by Robert Clarke, hairdresser, in a single-storey building, but I omitted to record anything here in 1969 myself. Is called Howson and Clarke on photo M964) ???
Maldon Road (south of the one later 2c) Electricity substation Electricity substation
Maldon Road (south of sub-station) (probably part of 2 Maldon Road) (later 2b Maldon Road) Public toilets (disused)
Maldon Road (south of toilets) (probably part of 2 Maldon Road) (later 2a Maldon Road) Shop Revett Gifts?
2 Maldon Road (north of chapel) Betting shop Eastern Racing Betting shop
Maldon Road (south of no. 2) Empty chapel Baptist chapel Disused chapel
4 Maldon Road Shop Threebees Bags etc.
6-18 Maldon Road Rear entrance to Spread Eagle
20 Maldon Road, Freeland House (north) Office Wicksteed and Palmer ???
20 Maldon Road, Freeland House (south, part) Office Luckin and Sheldrake ???
20 Maldon Road, Freeland House (south, part) Office Moy Solid fuel
22-28 Maldon Road Empty site
30 Maldon Road (ground) Dental surgery Robson Dental surgery
30 Maldon Road Office Probation office Probation office
36-38 Maldon Road Houses Residential
40-48 Maldon Road Library County library Library
50 Maldon Road House Residential
52 Maldon Road House Residential
54 Maldon Road, Park Cottage (south of park entrance) House Residential
Maltings Lane, maltings Factory Nitrovit Animal feed etc.?
Mill Lane, north of 21 Tannery Rowland Stagg Tannery
2-8 Mill Lane Showroom and sales Morrison Second hand furniture?
10-12 Mill Lane (part) (10 Mill Lane, 12 Mill Lane) Shop and store Shelleys (Saturday afternoon) Second hand furniture
10-12 Mill Lane (part) (10 Mill Lane, 12 Mill Lane) Two houses at rear Residential
52 Mill Lane, Hollybank House Residential
54-70 Mill Lane Empty site (Poplar Terrace, houses, demolished 1968)
Moat Farm Chase (west side, site of old Moat farm) Houses Chase House and one under construction Residential
Moat Farm Chase (east side, site of old Moat farm outbuildings) Houses ‘Moat farm’ (not in fact) and Timbers Residential
Newlands Shopping Centre Shops [Details not noted]
Newland Street (esst of no. 1) Police Station Police Station Police Station
1 Newland Street Vacant site, formerly The Grove
3 Newland Street Salon (residential until 1968) ??? Hairdressing
5 Newland Street (east of Post Office) (ground) Shop (constructed 1968 on site of earlier 20th cent. building) Stoffer Chemists and dispensary
5 Newland Street (east of Post Office) (first floor) ??? ??? ???
5 Newland Street, General Post Office Post Office General Post Office Post Office
5 Newland Street, High House Empty (previously Stoffer, chemist)
5a Newland Street (east of 5b) (part of 5 Newland Street) Shop B.Clarke Optician
5b Newland Street (between 5a and Red Lion) (part of 5 Newland Street) Shop E.W.Noakes Electrical goods
7 Newland Street Public house Red Lion Public house
9 Newland Street (ground floor) Shop Taber Greengrocer?
11 Newland Street Shop Joanna Children’s clothes?
13 Newland Street Travel agent Evelyn Confectioner?
29 Newland Street Shop Edwards Butcher
31 Newland Street Shop Brand ??? Baker?
33 Newland Street Empty shop
35 Newland Street Shop Woolworth Miscellaneous
37 Newland Street Supermarket Tesco Supermarket
Newland Street, White Hart (no number) Public house and hotel White Hart Public house and hotel
39 Newland Street Shop Witham Newsagents Newsagent
41 Newland Street Shop Gallant Outdoor clothing, camping, etc.
43 Newland Street Supermarket International Stores Supermarket
45 Newland Street Empty shop (being incorporated in 43)
47-49 Newland Street (47 Newland Street, 49 Newland Street) Public house and hotel Spread Eagle Public house and hotel
51 Newland Street Shop Winemarket Off licence
53 Newland Street Office Kemsley, Whiteley and Ferris Chartered Surveyors
55 Newland Street Bank Trustee Savings Bank Bank
57 Newland Street Bank Midland Bank Bank
59 Newland Street Bank Barclays Bank
61 Newland Street Empty Previously Rippons (store for tobacconist?)
63 Newland Street Shop Mondy Ironmongers, hardware
65 Newland Street Office Bawtree and Sons Solicitors
67 Newland Street Empty — (previously Parion Products, caravan equipment etc., and Semple, barber)
83 Newland Street Shop and bakery E.T.Gilbert Baker
85 Newland Street Shop E.King Jewellery, watches etc.
87 Newland Street Office F.H.Bright and Sons Solicitors
89-91 Newland Street (89 Newland Street, 91 Newland Street) Newspaper office Braintree and Witham Times Newspaper office
93 Newland Street Estate agent James Abbott, Dennis Smith and Partners Estate agent
95-Newland Street Bank Westminster Bank Bank
99 Newland Street Bank Lloyds Bank Bank
101 Newland Street Supermarket Howard’s Dairies Supermarket
103-105 Newland Street (103 Newland Street, 105 Newland Street) Department Store (part of) Co-op Menswear (east end), furniture (west end)
113-115 Newland Street (113 Newland Street, 115 Newland Street) Department Store (part of) Co-op Ladies’ wear (east end), Food (west end)
117 Newland Street Office Co-op Coal supply
119 Newland Street Office Stanley Bragg Architect
121 Newland Street (then known as 121-123) Office Express Duplicators Duplicating (copying documents etc., available to public)
123 Newland Street (up alley; number noted in 1995)) Empty? (or possibly just missed)
125 Newland Street Office Commercial Union Assurance Insurance
127 Newland Street, The Gables House Residential
129 Newland Street Surgery Doctor’s surgery Doctors’ surgery
131-135 Newland Street (in yard) (131 Newland Street, 133 Newland Street, 135 Newland Street) House? Residential?
137 Newland Street Shop Woolshop Wool
139 Newland Street Shop Parkers Grocer
141 Newland Street Surgery Dental Surgery (J.Goold) Dental surgery
143 Newland Street Salon Paul’s Hairdresser
145-147 Newland Street (145 Newland Street, 147 Newland Street) Vacant site with corrugated iron in front
149-151 Newland Street (149 Newland Street, 151 Newland Street) Shop Keys Toys
153 Newland Street, The Swan Public house The Swan Public house
155-157 Newland Street (155 Newland Street, 157 Newland Street) Workshop Ginetta
(opened c. 1962)
Assembling sports and racing cars
Newland Street (north side, east corner of Avenue Road) Roman Catholic church and presbytery (and empty school building) Church and house
Newland Street (north side, west corner of Avenue Road) Car sales and service Hurrell and Beardwell
See Braintree and Witham Times article 16 Feb 1984 filed in people files under H.
Hurrell and Beardwell bankrupt May 1986. Re-opened by David Beardwell March 1984.
Car sales and service
Newland Street (between Hurrell and Beardwell and British Legion) Offices with empty site next to B.L. ??? (I noted ‘Two Government offices’) Government offices
Newland Street (north side, east of Glovers) Meeting hall Royal British Legion Hall Meeting hall
Newland Street (north side, east corner of The Avenue) Car sales and service Glovers Motors Car sales and service
2 Newland Street, Newbury House House Residential
4 Newland Street, Avenue House House Residential
6 Newland Street Office Stamp Wortley ???
8 Newland Street House Residential
10 Newland Street House Residential
12 Newland Street (part) Office Malcolm G.Smith ‘Insurance Consultants’
12 Newland Street (part) Office Tom Morton Planning Consultant
14 Newland Street (at rear) House Residential
16 Newland Street, Roslyn House House Residential
18 Newland Street (part) House
18 Newland Street, Whitehall Empty (former cinema)
20 Newland Street, Tiptree Villa House Residential
22-26 Newland Street (22 Newland Street, 24 Newland Street, 26 Newland Street) Empty
28 Newland Street Shop Mellons Wallpaper, paint etc.
30 Newland Street Shop Waide Pollarde Clothes
32 Newland Street Travel agent Evelyn’s Travel agent
34 Newland Street Shop Modes Ladies’ clothes
36 Newland Street Public house The George Public house
38 Newland Street Shop Glovers Cycles, car accessories?
40 Newland Street Shop Lisa Marie Ladies’ clothes
42-44 Newland Street (42 Newland Street, 44 Newland Street) Supermarket Home and Colonial Stores Supermarket
46 Newland Street Shop Frank Norman Butcher
48 Newland Street Shop (built 1968 or 1969) Brentex Dry cleaning
50 Newland Street Shop (built 1968 or 1969) Martins Newsagent
52 Newland Street Shop (built 1968 or 1969) Foster Men’s clothing
54 Newland Street Empty shop (built 1968 or 1969)
56 Newland Street Shop Lloyds Shoes
58a Newland Street (east end of 58?) (part of 58 Newland Street) Shop Bidwell Clothes?
58 Newland Street (i.e. west end) Shop Loveday Butcher
60 Newland Street Shop Tooks Baker
62 Newland Street (part) Shop Browns ???
62 Newland Street (part) Shop Smiths ???
64 Newland Street Shop Mid-Essex TV (Bellamy’s chemist till 1968) Television sales and hire
66 Newland Street Shop Old Trinity Wine House Off licence
68 Newland Street Shop Farthings Greengrocer
70 Newland Street Shop and post office Martins Newsagent, confectioner etc.
72 Newland Street Shop Davies Men’s clothing
74-76 Newland Street (74 Newland Street, 76 Newland Street) Shop Stanwood Electrical goods
78 Newland Street Shop Lord Rayleighs Dairies (closed April 1974; been here c. 15 years) Food, delicatessen
80 Newland Street Houses behind, 80-84, but no shop noted here
82-84 Newland Street (82 Newland Street, 84 Newland Street) Shop Coopers Drapery, haberdashery etc.
86 Newland Street Shop Eastern Gas Gas equipment sales and payment centre
88 Newland Street Shop L.Holt Butcher
Newland Street (between 88 and 90) Church Congregational church Church
90-92 Newland Street (90 Newland Street, 92 Newland Street) Shop Byfords Furniture, china, etc.
94 Newland Street Salon Silhouette Hairdressers
98 Newland Street (rebuilt 1969) (later called 96-98) (ground) Empty shop
98 Newland Street (rebuilt 1969) (later called 96-98) (above) Office Budd, Martin and Burell ???
100 Newland Street Estate agent Balch and Balch Estate agent
102-116 Newland Street (no buildings) Sales yard Parion’s Caravan sales
118-120 Newland Street (118 Newland Street, 120 Newland Street) House Residential
124 Newland Street House Residential
126 Newland Street House Residential
128 Newland Street Shop E.G.Coates Electrical goods
130 Newland Street (part) Public house The Crotchet Public house
130 Newland Street (part) Empty (former house, being altered to include in Crotchet)
130 Newland Street (part) Empty (former forge, being altered to include in Crotchet)
132 Newland Street Cafe Frank’s cafe Cafe
White Horse Lane Builders’ yard Adams and Mortimer Builder’s yard
White Horse Lane Builders’ yard Hey and Croft Builder’s yard