Survey carried out by Janet Gyford on 1 January 2000, with some follow up in the week or two afterwards
Also added to later when places changed hands.

Other posts have similar surveys for 1969, 1979, 1984, 1989, and 1995-6.

Some residential property is included as well if it is intermingled with commercial property
In many cases, where there is an address combining several numbers (e.g. 23-27), the individual addresses are written out afterwards in brackets. This is so that a search for one of the individual addresses might find it. This has not been done for long series of residential numbers.

For the same reason, addresses with a, b etc. in the number have the main number in brackets afterwards, e.g. 5a Newland Street (part of 5 Newland Street).

Address Description if any Title, names etc. Occupation
Braintree Road (west side south of no.1, at entrance to Thompson’s Yard) Small cabin, waiting room and booking office Crusader Cabs Taxi hire
Braintree Road, Thompsons Yard (part) Shop and showrooms, several buildings Ramsden Mills Carpet showrooms and sales
Braintree Road, Thompsons Yard (part) Workshop, two-storey, a little way in on left Ashcroft Woodworking Carpentry, joinery
13 Braintree Road House, formerly shop Residential
49 Braintree Road, Cullen Mill (part)* Surgery Brookend Veterinary Surgery Veterinary surgery
49 Braintree Road, Cullen Mill (part)* Training Centre Witham Technology Centre Training in information technology, use of computers etc.
49 Braintree Road, Cullen Mill (part)* Office Fleetwrite ???
49 Braintree Road, Cullen Mill (part)* Office Essex Probation Service and Essex Family Centre Probation and community work
49 Braintree Road, Cullen Mill (part)* Workshop Brennan Build Ltd. ‘Joinery workhsop’
Braintree Road (east side, south end, corner of Albert Road) Shop (old bus shelter) Fantastic Flowers (closed 2002; opened in Sept after a time as ‘Get it Fresh’, bagels etc.) Flower shop
10 Braintree Road House, formerly shop Residential
Braintree Road (former Crittall’s site; C closed Sept. 1990 and demol. 1992)) Supermarket Safeway Supermarket
13 Bridge Street (site of 13-21) Public house Morning Star (closed late 2001) Public house
27a Bridge Street (part of 27 Bridge Street) Shop Blushing Brides Bridal wear
29 Bridge Street Offices St.George’s House Business Centre (estab 1988, moved away 1 Auf 2005 to 66 Newland st) Miscellaneous offices
59-67 Bridge Street (Faragon Terrace) Houses
69 onwards, Bridge Street Club and bar R.A.F.A. club Club and bar
Bridge Street Sports centre and pool Bramston Sports Centre Sports centre and pool
Bridge Street, Bridge Court (formerly no. 2) Houses
30 Bridge Street (also including site of 32) Motorcycle sales Bridge Street Motorcyles Motorcycles, sSales and MOT testing
30a Bridge Street (between 30 and 38) (part of 30 Bridge Street) Office Bike It ‘Motorcycle training’
1-7 Chipping Hill (1 Chipping Hill, 3 Chipping Hill, 5 Chipping Hill, 7 Chipping Hill) Rebuilt as  flats since 1989 Templemeads Residential
55 Chipping Hill Shop Hollyhocks Gifts
55a Chipping Hill (part of 55 Chipping Hill) House Residential
2 Chipping Hill Public house The Albert Public house
18 Chipping Hill Forge  and house Witham Forge (Melvin Baker) ‘Blacksmith’
18A Chipping Hill (formerly part of 18, this number from sale catalogue May 2003) House, joined to forge house Residential
20 Chipping Hill House, right side of brick pair. Residential
22 Chipping Hill House, left side of brick pair. Residential
24 Chipping Hill (formerly 22 Chipping Hill, new number noticed May 2003) House, large, also backing onto Church Street Residential
26 Chipping Hill. (formerly no number in Chipping Hill, though was once 1-3 Church Street. New number noticed May 2003) House, large, backing onto Church Street, adjoining Churchyard. Mole End Residential
28 Chipping Hill (formerly 26-30 Chipping Hill, new number from sale catalogue May 2003) House formerly three, left of churchyard gate, facing green. Residential
Chipping Hill, Old Vicarage House Old Vicarage Residential
7 Church Street Public house The Woolpack Public house
9 Church Street (part) (number assumed) Bungalow Residential
Church Street, (between 9 and 11) Disused Quaker burial ground Disused Quaker burial ground
41a Church Street (part of 41 Church Street) House (former shop)
Church Street (north of 53) Church Assemblies of God: Bethel chapel. Church
Church Street (south of 71) Entrance to Chipping Dell
2 Church Street Public house White Horse Public house
4 Church Street, Oakville House Residential
6 Church Street House Residential
8 Church Street Shop Geoff King Electrical goods and repairs
10 Church Street Takeaway H.G.Stibbs and son (in fact not longer Stibbs but this is still on fascia) Takeaway (fish and fried food)
12 Church Street Salon Blades Hairdressing (ladies)
14 Church Street Shop A.W.Sutton and Son (Alan). Closed c.June 2001. Re-opened as fishing tackle shop, ‘Angling Essentials’ (moved here from 16). Video hire, confectionery
16 Church Street Shop E.and J.Tackle. Closed c.June 2001. Re-opened as ‘Angling Essentials at 14. In early 2002 an unnamed shop opened here apparently dealing in tools of some sort (e.g. Triton make). Fishing tackle
22 Church Street House Residential
24 Church Street House Residential
26 Church Street House Residential
28-40 Church Street House Known as ‘Charity Row’. Former workhouse. On plaque in plaster has date ‘1714’ and initials ‘TW FR SN WS’ (probably Thomas Woodgate, Francis Raven, churchwardens, Samuel Newton, William Skinner, overseers). Residential
40a, b and c Church Street (40a Church Street 40b Church Street, 40c Church Street (north of 40) (part of 40 Church Street) Houses Residential
48 Church Street House Residential
56 Church Street (behind) Plumber’s yard and showroom Keith Brown (builder and plumber), with Witham Interiors. Closed during 2001 due to Keith’s ill health. Builders’ yard and showroom
7 Coach House Way (at rear) Shop and workshop D.J.Cycles (closed by 2002)
Witnet Internet café opened 2005.
Cycle shop and repairs
7 or 8 8 Coach House Way (at front) Shop No 8 Planters (closed by mid 2003. By then was Original Cut barber and called no. 7)) Flowers
9 Coach House Way Office Kings Park Office Supplies (‘Wheeler Kitle Partnership by mid 2003) Office Supplies
10 Coach House Way (probably) (at rear or above) Grooming parlour Grooming parlour ‘Grooming parlour’ (pets)
10 Coach House Way (probably) (part) Shop Lo Cost Domestics (empty by mid 2003 and probably earlier) Electrical goods
11 Coach House Way (formerly 58b Newland Street, part of 58 Newland Street)) Workshop Witham Upholsterers Upholstery workshop
1 Collingwood Road Salon Trimmers Hairdressing
1a Collingwood Road, Woodland House (above) (part of 1 Collingwood Road) Office ? Door between 3 and 3A, to upstairs ??? ???
3 Collingwood Road Shop Ladbrokes Betting office
3a Collingwood Road (part of 3 Collingwood Road) Takeaway Essex Fast Food. Changed to Mega Fast Food by 2006 ‘Kebabs, Burgers, Chicken’. Takeaway
5 Collingwood Road Takeaway Spice Venue (just bought out Little India, previous occupant) Takeaway, Indian
7 Collingwood Road (part), Lockram Villas (part) Office Ian Smith and Co. ‘Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors’
7 Collingwood Road (part), Lockram Villas (part) Clinic Anthony B.Wuyts ‘Hypnotherapist’
9 Collingwood Road, Lockram Villas (part) House or office ?
11-13 Collingwood Road (11 Collingwood Road, 13 Collingwood Road) Car park, (market on Saturday)
15 Collingwood Road Flats, sheltered accommodation Collingwood Noel-Pelly House Residential
23 Collingwood Road House The Manse Msnse, residence of U. R. C. minister
Collingwood Road Two new houses (semis)
57-59 Collingwood Road Two houses, semi-detached (IC 1827)
61-63 Collingwood Road Two buildings, semi-detached; 63 is clinic (1851) At 63, Collingwood Osteopathic Clinic (Peter Jarvis)
65-67 Collingwood Road Two houses, semi-detached (1851) (Millfield Terrace) Osteopath
69 Collingwood Road Office and meeting hall Witham Labour Party Hall Political party, constituency HQ
71 Collingwood Road, Sherbourne House Office Essex North and South Valuation Tribunals Valuation office
Collingwood Road, formerly site of no. 2 Collingwood Road Houses (built 1999) Ben Sainty Court Residential
4-10 Collingwood Road (4 Collingwood Road, 6 Collingwood Road, 8 Collingwood Road, 10 Collingwood Road) Office North Essex Health Authority Health authority office
12 Collingwood Road (south part) Office Citizen’s Advice Bureau Advice office
12 Collingwood Road (north part) Hall Public Hall Meeting hall
14 Collingwood Road Club and bar Constitutional Club Club and bar
16 Collingwood Road Day nursery Pelican Place ‘Private Day Nursery for children 0-5 years’
Collingwood Road (esst side, north of no. 16) Bowls Club, driveway from road Witham Bowls Club Bowling green and club
18 Collingwood Road House Residential
48 Collingwood Road, Warwick House Office Selven Group ‘Human Resource Software Solutions’
Collingwood Road (east side, south of Conservative Assoc. office) Meeting hall Church House Meeting Hall
Collingwood Road, Avenue Lodge (east side, corner of the Avenue) Office Braintree Constituency Conservative Association Political office
Collins Lane (back of yard) Demountable office Holdfast Credit Union Ltd. Loan agency
1 Collins Lane (behind 13 Newland Street, and behind first floor of 11 Newland Street and/or 13) Salon Headlines Hairdressing
3 Collins Lane (first floor of 11 Newland Street and 13 Newland Street) Salon? Witham Health and Beauty Centre Salon?
5 Collins Lane (first floor of 9 Newland Street, entrance from rear) Office Witham Letting Services
(moved to 11 Penhaligon Court, Guithavon Street, mid 2001)
Property letting agency
Cressing Road Public house Cherry Tree Public house
1 Easton Road Workshop and office J.B.Slythe ‘Monumental masons established for over a century’
1 Freebornes Court Office Witham Area Office Braintree District Council) and Community Information Centre (all councils) Local government office, meeting room, information etc.
2 Freebornes Court (ground floor) Office Kenneth Beavis ‘Solicitors’
2 Freebornes Court Office (first floor) Balch and Balch ‘Chartered Surveyors’
3 Freebornes Court Office Social Service Supplies (new office; previously with depot in Stepfield) Office supplies
4 Freebornes Court Office (first floor) Bruynzeel Multipanel (UK) Ltd. Plywood production
5 Freebornes Court, Barmine House Office Key Industrial. Barmine Ltd. (names on same board) Recruitment ?
6 Freebornes Court Office RCHL (Essex) (to let sign on part) ???
7 Freebornes Court (part) Office Kort Propulsion Propellers
7 Freebornes Court (part) Office Causeway Machinery Ltd., Francom Ltd. (names on same board) Machinery
8 Freebornes Court Office Best Computer Training
9 Freebornes Court Office (empty)
1 Grove Shopping Centre* Supermarket Tesco Supermarket
2 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 1)* Shop Sevenoaks ‘Sound and vision’, hi-fi equipment
3 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 1a)* Shop QS. By mid 2005 was Osiana, florist Clothes
4 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 2)* Empty shop (formerly Porterhouse Meats) Osians florists opened early 2003.
5 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 3)* Restaurant Old London Pie and Mash Shop Restaurant
6 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 4)* Shop Imperial Cancer Research Fund By 2005 was Specsavers opticians Charity shop
7 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 5)* Shop Intersport Sports clothing
8 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 6)* Shop Toys Plus Moved to Newlands precinct mid 2005, empty. Became ‘Best Buy’ in December 2006. Toys, stationery, etc.
9 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 7)* Empty shop (has advertising and photo-booths) In c 2002, Zest hairdressers opened.
By 2004 Oatas Stationery shop
10 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 8)* Shop Richards. Changed soon after to Burton men’s clothing. Ladies’ clothing
11 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 8a)* Shop Adams Children’s clothing
12 Grove Shopping Centre (old maltiings) (unit 9)* Shop Superdrug Chemist
12a Grove Shopping Centre (formerly no. 13 Grove Shopping Centre) (unit 9a)* Shop Clinton cards Greetings cards
14 Grove Shopping Centre (unit K1)* Shoe repairs While-U-Wait Shoe repairs and key cutting
15 Grove Shopping Centre (unit K2)* Empty shop (was Big! By Brian until recently). MEB Electronics opened soon after. Clothes
16 Grove Shopping Centre (unit K3)* Shop Primetime Clothes
17 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 10)* Travel agent Travel Choice, by 2005 called First Choice Travel agent
17a Grove Shopping Centre* Office (first floor, over 17) Grove Shopping Centre, management office Shopping centre management
18 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 11)* Shop Select Retail Clothes
19 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 12)* Opticians Boots Opticians Optician
20 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 13)* Shop Clarks Shoes Shoes
21 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 14)* Empty shop (was Clarkes stationers, toys etc. until recently). Birthdays and Thorntons, cards and chocolate, opened soon after.
22 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 15)* Shop Mackays Clothing
23 Grove Shopping Centre (unit 16)* Shop E.Bixby and Co. Jeweller
1 Guithavon Street (ground floor) Takeaway Mama Dells Pizzas [moved out end of Sept 2002 when lease ran out, to go into 67A Newland Street with refurbished Café Aroma] Mario’s Pizza opened 2005. Pepper’s kebab’s as well, 2006 Takeaway, pizzas
1 Guithavon Street (first floor) Restaurant Empty, was previously, since c. 1992, Rolling Pins who moved to Bakers Snacks, 67a Newland Street, during 1999. Then Rolling Pins moved back here during 2000. Then R. P closed 21 Sept 2002 when lease ran out.
Empty again till 2 July 2004 when Leamey’s ‘Grillin‘n’Chillin’ opened, food 8 till 4.30 Mon to Sat, 8 till 3 Sundays.
1 Guithavon Street (part, leanto on back) Waiting room and booking office Knights Taxis Taxi hire
Guithavon Street, Guithavon House (built 1989-90, south side, west of no. 1) Office Barclays Business Centre Banking. ‘Corporate Management Suite’ (from phone book).
3-9 Guithavon Street, Dickens House (3 Guithavon Street, 5 Guithavon Street, 7 Guithavon Street, 9 Guithavon Street) Office Baverstock ‘Chartered Accountants’
11 Guithavon Street Office Mid Essex Community and Mental Health NHS Trust National Health Service Trust
13 Guithavon Street, Spencer House Office Redmalt Consultancy ‘Graphic Design’
15 Guithavon Street Salon and clinic Benissimo ‘Beauty Salon and Figure Toning’
17 Guithavon Street Waiting room and booking office Beacon Cab Co. Taxi hire
19 Guithavon Street, Colne House Office Conway Fielden Gough Accountants
21-37 Guithavon Street Houses
39-49 Guithavon Street Church Methodist Church Methodist Church
Guithavon Street (south side, between 49 and 51) Hall (old church) Methodist Church hall Meeting hall
51 Guithavon Street House (set back) Residential
53 Guithavon Street Flats, sheltered accommodation Mill Vale Lodge Residential
Guithavon Street (south side, near corner of Mill Lane) Public house The Crown Public house
Guithavon Street (south side, corner of Mill Lane (old fire station) Storage? Storage?
4 Guithavon Street (old building behind 68 Newland Street, recently refurbished, ground floor; empty above) Takeaway Crumbs
[Bar Isis at 68 Newland Street, opened September 2001, included basement of 4 Guithavon Street. Basement renamed to Fu Bar about August 2002 and Azzuro by 2006
‘Sandwich bar’, takeaway
6 Guithavon Street, (may not be 8; new building north side, west of no. 4) Empty (opened 18 Oct as S and G Computers – shop)
Called All Networks by 2006
10 Guithavon Street (from phone book) Witlet by 2006. Letting agent
Guithavon Street, 1 Penhaligon Court Clinic Cross Purposes ‘Physiotherapy Clinic’
Guithavon Street, Penhaligon Court (between 1 and 11) Office SMB Changed to Adam Gillespie gym by 2006 ‘Brickwork Contractor’
Guithavon Street, 11 Penhaligon Court Office Grotech
(Witham Lettings Services moved into here mid 2001, from 5 Collins Lane, Wit Let moved to 10 Guithavon Street by 2006)
Absorbed in Penhaligon Dental Centre by 2006
‘Lights, nutrients, hydrosystems’
Guithavon Street, Penhaligon Court (between 11 and 17) Clinic Penhaligon Dental Centre Dental surgery
Guithavon Street, 17 Penhaligon Court Shop A Change of A Dress (closed summer 2002, moved to 27 Maldon Road)
Escape Hair Sanctuary by 2006
Second hand clothes
Guithavon Street, 18 Penhaligon Court Office SMB ‘Brickwork Contractor’
Guithavon Street (east side, north of Newlands Drive, including 6-12) (6 Guithavon Street, 8 Guithavon Street, 10 Guithavon Street, 12 Guithavon Street) Car park Car park
Guithavon Street (north side, west of car park) Church Church of Holy Family and All Saints Catholic Church
Guithavon Street (north side, west of church) House Presbytery House of Catholic priest
14-16 Guithavon Street, Old Parsonage Court (14 Guithavon Street, 16 Guithavon Street) Houses, including two old buildings (formerly Parsonage and Woodhams)and several new bungalows Residential
Guithavon Street, 1-9 Guithavon Court (north side, west of Old Parsonage Court) Bungalows Residential
Guithavon Street, Rex Mott Court (north side, up drive south of Podsbrook) Flats, sheltered accommodation (Braintree District Council) Rex Mott Court Residential
Guithavon Street, Podsbrook House (north side, corner of Guithavon Valley) Flats, sheltered accommodation (Witham Housing Assoc.) Podsbrook House Residential
17 Guithavon Valley (part) Shop and repairs John Trowles ‘Showroom and service’. Electrical goods
17 Guithavon Valley (part) Shop and repairs Witham Cycles (run by Trowles) ‘Everything for cycling’, shop and repairs
29-31 Guithavon Valley (29 Guithavon Valley, 31 Guithavon Valley) Houaes (site of old depot) Residential
2 Guithavon Valley Houses Residential
4 Guithavon Valley Surgery R.J.Hossack Dental surgery
6-8 Guithavon Valley (6 Guithavon Valley, 8 Guithavon Valley) Houses Residential
The Old Mill House, Guithavon Valley Nursery in garden Old Mill House Garden Nursery (Sheila Bates and Ed Bates) Plant sales
Hatfield Road, Bridge Hospital Bridge Hospital, learning difficulties
Hatfield Road Fire Station Fire Station Fire Station
Hatfield Road Ambulance Station Ambulance station Ambulance Station
Hatfield Road, Ivy Chimneys Empty
1-3 Lawn Chase (former site of Lawn House) Houses Residential
Lockram Lane (behind 40 Newland Street) Shop (ground) and studio (first floor) Starlite Ceramics Ceramics
3-5 Maldon Road (3 Maldon Road, 5 Maldon Road) Site now part of Grove Centre
7-19 Maldon Road Shop and yard (shop faces Grove Centre) Travis Perkins ‘Timber and Building materials’
21-23 Maldon Road (21 Maldon Road, 23 Maldon Road) Houses Residential
25 Maldon Road Restaurant Crofters Wine Bar (new ownership July 2002, see BWT 4 July) Restaurant
27 Maldon Road ???, possibly empty — (opened as Change of a Dress in summer 2002, moved from 17 Penhaligon Court, Guithavon Street)
29 Maldon Road (grey brick, wisteria) House Residential
31-35 Maldon Road (31 Maldon Road, 33 Maldon Road, 35 Maldon Road) Houses Residential
37 Maldon Road Shop Park Stores ‘Off Licence Newsagents’
39 Maldon Road Meeting Hall Masons’ hall (has sign above door – new) Meeting Hall
41 Maldon Road Office Concept Industries (UK) Ltd. ???
Maldon Road (old school, south of 41) Youth Centre Parkside Youth Centre Youth Centre
43-75 Maldon Road (formerly Trafalgar Square (43-73) and Nelson House (75) Roundabout ? ?
Maldon Road (south of old school) Named houses (three blocks of four, entrance to Elm Cottage between northern two) Residential
77 Maldon Road* Showroom and shop Daman Plumbing, kitchen and bathroom equipment and furnishings
77-83 Maldon Road, Harcog Centre (part)* Office Terbals Construction Building?
77-83 Maldon Road, Harcog Centre (part)* Car sales yard Parkside Motor Company of Witham Car sales
77-83 Maldon Road, Harcog Centre, unit 1* Garage P.McCulloch ‘Auto accident repairs’
77-83 Maldon Road, Harcog Centre, unit 2* Garage Motor Maintenance ‘Specialist car repairs’
77-83 Maldon Road, Harcog Centre units 3 and 4* Garage M.Bailey ‘MOT Testing’ and ‘car service’
Maldon Road (south of 77-83) Service station Save Petrol filling station and car wash
Maldon Road, Central Buildings (behind 39 Newland Street) (first floor?) Office Barnard Fitch Ltd. ‘Security Systems’
Maldon Road, Central Buildings (behind 39 Newland Street) (second floor) Office HDS Group Recruitment Services
2d Maldon Road (south of Central Buildings) (don’t use number) (part of 2 Maldon Road) Shoe repairs (closed summer 2000) J.Hollick and Son (closed 2000, and replaced by Essex County Amateur Golf Union) Shoe repairs
2c Maldon Road (south of Hollick) (part of 2 Maldon Road) Takeaway Empire House ‘Chinese food to take away’
Maldon Road (south of 2c) (probably part of 2 Maldon Road) Electricity substation Electricity substation
Maldon Road (south of substation) (probably 2b Maldon Road) Salon Max Headroom Hairdressing
Maldon Road (south of Max Headroom) (probably 2a Maldon Road) Takeaway Bakish ‘Tandoori and Balti House Takeaway’, Indian
2 Maldon Road (north of Chapel House) (ground floor) Surgery Mr.Nils Folbirk Orthodontics
2 Maldon Road (north of Chapel House) (first floor) Office The Boys Brigade, 2nd Witham Youth group
2b Maldon Road, Chapel House (old Baptist chapel, south of 2) Care centre Ashbourne Homes ‘Care Centre’
4 Maldon Road House? (former shop) Residential?
6-18 Maldon Road Rear entrance to Spread Eagle
20 Maldon Road, Freeland House Salon Bernards ‘Ladies and Gentleman’s Hairdressing’
22-28 Maldon Road, Crispin House Office Key Personnel Recruitment
30 Maldon Road Surgery Witham Dental Health Centre, Miss J.E.McCahon Dental surgery
36-38 Maldon Road Houses Residential
40-48 Maldon Road Vacant site (formerly scout hut)
50 Maldon Road New house Residential
52 Maldon Road House Residential
54 Maldon Road, Park Lodge (south of park entrance) (formerly Park Cottage?) House Residential
Maltings Lane, Denholm Court (former maltings) Flats and houses Residential
Mill Lane, north of 21 Empty site (former tannery)
Mill Lane, (north of former tannery) Bowling green (newish) Bowling green
Mill Lane (east side, south end, Street, next to 132 Newland Street) Takeaway Tommy Tuckers Takeaway, fried food
2-8 Mill Lane (2 Mill Lane, 4 Mill Lane, 6 Mill Lane, 8 Mill Lane) Showroom and sales Mill Lane Stores ‘Furniture, Antique and Modern, bought and sold’.
10-12 Mill Lane (site of) (10 Mill Lane, 12 Mill Lane) Houses (new) Residential
32 Mill Lane (former Beehive) House
34 Mill Lane House
52 Mill Lane Part of Hollybank estate of bungalows Residential
54-70 Mill Lane Flats Bramston View Residential
Moat Farm Chase (west side, site of old Moat farm) Houses Chase House and one unnamed Residential
Moat Farm Chase (east side, site of old Moat farm outbuildings) Houses ‘Moat farm’ (not in fact) and Timbers Residential
1-2 Newlands Shopping Centre* Shop Dorothy Perkins Ladies’ clothes
3 Newlands Shopping Centre* Shop Meat Inn Butcher
4 Newlands Shopping Centre* Travel agent Going Places Travel agent
5 Newlands Shopping Centre* Shop Catalogue Savers. Closed 4 August 2001.
Catseye clothes shop opened immediately afterwards but closed Feb 2002.
Cardfair, greetings card shop, opened c. June 2002, closed summer 2005
Clothes etc.
6 Newlands Shopping Centre* Empty shop West wear, clothes shop, opened 2001. Closing down Feb 2002. Then empty till conversion started c Feb 2003
By May 2003 had become part of New Look, clothes shop, with 7 and 8.
7 Newlands Shopping Centre* Empty shop (formerly Victoria Wine, closed 1998) Empty till conversion started c Feb 2003.
By May 2003 had become part of New Look, clothes shop, with 6 and 8.
8 Newlands Shopping Centre* Shop Impressions. Closed end of 2002. Then empty till conversion started c Feb 2003.
By May 2003 had become part of New Look, clothes shop, with 6 and 7.
9-15 Newlands Shopping Centre (ground)* Shop Iceland Frozen and other food
9-15 Newlands Shopping Centre, Pantile House (first floor)* Office Friends Provident Life assurance etc.
16 Newlands Shopping Centre* Restaurant and takeaway Ria Restaurant and takeaway, Chinese
17 Newlands Shopping Centre* Empty shop Empty. Lunn Poly travel soon after. Then Thomson travel by mid 2005
18 Newlands Shopping Centre* Empty shop (Essex Shoe Repairs closed 1999) Empty. Farmfoods, frozen food, opened c December 2002 (and at 19-20)
19-20 Newlands Shopping Centre* Empty shop. Empty. Farmfoods, frozen food, opened c December 2002 (and at 18)
21 Newlands Shopping Centre* Empty shop, formerly bikes ant toys and before that Shelley clothes Became Feathers hairdressers in 2005
22-24 Newlands Shopping Centre (ground floor)* Shop Peacocks Clothes
22-24 Newlands Shopping Centre (Broseley House, first floor)* ??? (possibly part of shop?, or possibly empty) Peacocks? ?part of shop, or empty office
27 Newlands Shopping Centre* Shop Kempco Office accessories, stationery, photocopying etc.
28 Newland Shopping Centre* Shop Oxfam Charity shop
29 Newlands Shopping Centre* Shop Orfords
(moved from 30-31 in October 1991)
Hardware, china etc.
30 Newlands Shopping Centre* Empty shop `
31-32 Newlands Shopping Centre* Building society Halifax Building society
33 Newlands Shopping Centre* Shop Freestons Fruit and vegetables
34 Newland Shopping Centre* Shop Index. Catalogue store. Closed Summer 2005. Opened as Simkins jewellers October 2006. ‘The Catalogue Shop’
35 Newlands Shopping Centre* Shop Paws ‘Pet and Garden Supplies’
Newland Street, Newlands House (first floor, entrance behind 50 Newland Street) Office Maunsell ‘International Consulting Engineers’
Newland Street (esst of no. 1) Police Station Police Station Police Station
1 Newland Street Office blocks Marsh (took over Sedgwick, 1999) Insurance
3 Newland Street (east end, ground floor) Empty shop Empty at time of survey. Then became Breadsticks café soon after. Then by March 2003 was ‘Asian Inn: Oriental Fast Food’
3 Newland Street (west end, ground floor) Takeaway Fish’n’Chicken Takeaway, fried food
3 Newland Street (first floor, entrance west end) Salons Jeanna’s Hair Design; Sweeny’s the Barbers
(also above at east end at some time and by March 2003, Millenium Volunteers’
5 Newland Street (east end) Office Job Centre ‘Employment service’
5 Newland Street (upstairs, door between Jobcentre and Lloyds) Salon Cutz (Became Apollo hairdressers probably late 2001) Hairdressing
5 Newland Street (between Jobcentre and Old Post Office) Shop Lloyds Pharmacy Chemists and dispensary
5 Newland Street, Old Post Office, main building Empty
5 Newland Street, Old Post Office, west end Office Royal Mail Enquiry Office Mail collection and enquiries
5 Newland Street, High House Restaurant Lian Restaurant, Chinese
5a Newland Street (east of 5b) (part of 5 Newland Street) Shop Belson and Sons Optometrists
5b Newland Street (between 5a and Red Lion) (part of 5 Newland Street) Office Tudor Employment Agency (Prime Time Recruitment by Mch 2003) Recruitment
7 Newland Street Public house Red Lion Public house
9 Newland Street (ground floor) Shop Reids (Woolwich moved from here to 33 in 1990) ‘Sandwiches’, takeaway
9 Newland Street (first floor), see 5 Collins Lane
11 Newland Street (see also 1 and 3 Collins Lane) Restaurant Starexpress. Changed to Poppin’s Restaurant 2005, and to Rizzi’s Café Bar 2006. Restaurant
13 Newland Street (see also 1 and 3 Collins Lane) Shop Michelle (Countryfresh closed April 1990) ‘Floral Design’
29 Newland Street Empty shop Empty till c March 2006. Then taken by Brien Saunders, estate agents.
31 Newland Street Shop Healthy Living Health food and remedies
33 Newland Street Building society Woolwich (since 1990, moved from 9) Building society
35 Newland Street Shop Woolworth Miscellaneous
37 Newland Street Shop (and entrance to Grove Centre) Greenwood Menswear
Newland Street, White Hart (no number) Public house and hotel White Hart Public house and hotel
39 Newland Street Shop Ideal Fones (new 1998 or 1999) (Gallant closed 1998 or 1999) Mobile phones
41 Newland Street (back adjoins Maldon Road) Shop Rag, Tag and Bobtail (new 1999) (Gallant closed 1998 or 1999) Haberdashery
43 Newland Street Betting office Coral Betting office
45 Newland Street Shop “Homestyle by Fads”
Closed 21 June 2003
Re-opened c Nov 2004 as general gift shop etc, called ‘Fabs’ by January 2005.
Decorating goods etc.
47-49 Newland Street (47 Newland Street, 49 Newland Street) Public house and hotel Spread Eagle, renamed Elements in July 2007 Public house and hotel
51 Newland Street Shop Sue Ryder Charity shop
53 Newland Street Office David Howard and Company ‘Licensed Conveyancers and Specialist Commissioners for Oaths. Property Lawyers’
55 Newland Street Bank Lloyds TSB Bank
57 Newland Street Bank HSBC (changed from Midland, 1999) Bank
59 Newland Street Bank Barclays Bank
61 Newland Street Office and meeting room Town Hall (Witham Town Council). Tourist information (ground floor front) Local government office, meeting rooms, information,  etc.
63 Newland Street (east end, under filled-in arch) Shop Witham Saddlery Saddles, horse equipment, etc.
63 Newland Street (west end, main premises) Shop Mondy Ironmongers, hardware
63a Newland Street (east end of 63) Shop Picturesque ‘Photographic and processing services’
65 Newland Street Office Bawtree and Sons Solicitors
67a Newland Street (east of 67b) (part of 67 Newland Street) Restaurant Bakers Snacks (moved here 1999 from 1 Guithavon Street). Changed name to ‘Café Aroma’ early 2001. Refurbished September 2002 and in Oct Mama Dell Pizza take away moved in as well as Aroma; Mama Dell hitherto having been at 1 Guithavon Street on ground floor. Restaurant
67b Newland Street (west of 67a) (part of 67 Newland Street) Estate agent Haart ‘Estate agents and mortgage brokers’
83 Newland Street Shop Country Cottage Flowers (closed 2001, empty for a while, then Michael D’Arcy, estate agent about April 2002)n Flowers
85 Newland Street Shop The Jewellery Store (Co-op) ‘Watchmakers, jewellers, goldsmiths’
87-91 Newland Street (87 Newland Street, 89 Newland Street, 91 Newland Street) Office F.H.Bright and Sons (Braintree and Witham Times closed at 91 in March 1994 and Bright took over some time after) Solicitors
93 Newland Street Estate agent Abbotts Estate agent
95 Newland Street Bank National Westminster Bank Bank
Yard (97 Newland Street) Old buildings, former commercial garage. Buildings all demolished August 2004.
99 Newland Street Bank Lloyds TSB Bank
101 Newland Street Restaurant Dhaka Brasserie. Changed August 2006 to Indian Ocean. Restaurant, Indian
103-105 Newland Street (103 Newland Street, 105 Newland Street) Shop Homemaker, the Co-op. [From April 2003, including Electronix at 103, moved from 111 in April 2003] Furniture and bank
111 Newland Street (new numbering ; previously 113) Shop
(Electronix moved to part of 103-105 in April 2003 and 111 was empty. Then 111 opened in October 2003 as Farleigh Hospice furniture shop
Electronix, the Co-op Electrical goods
113 Newland Street (new numbering ; part of former 115) Empty shop (became Tan Stand, tanning shop, during 2000) (formerly Artframers)
115 Newland Street (only part of former 115, which now includes 113 also) Funeral service Co-operative Funeral Services Funeral service
117 Newland Street Takeaway Witham House ‘Chinese food to Take away’
119 Newland Street (entrance at rear) Office ACG Publications. Greenlight Publishing Publishing
121 Newland Street Office jdr (Insurance Brokers) Ltd. jdr (Financial Services) Ltd. Insurance and finance
123 Newland Street (up alley) (main building) Office Advance Digital Graphics Copying etc.
123 Newland Street (up alley) (part, on right) Office Premier Design Design
125 Newland Street House or part of surgery ? Residential or part of surgery?
127-129 Newland Street (127 Newland Street, 129 Newland Street) Surgery. Extended to 127 (and 125?) in 1994. Has dates ‘1742, 1760, 1946, 1972, 1994’ on side, near public entrance Fern House Surgery (Doctors R.Grew; B.R.Gough; E.Teverson; D.E.Beatty; A.T.Hore, J.P.Hopcroft; R.T.Summers) Doctors’ surgery
131-135 Newland Street (in yard) (131 Newland Street, 133 Newland Street, 135 Newland Street) Empty, derelict
137 Newland Street Betting office Ladbrokes Betting office
139 Newland Street Empty shop
141 Newland Street Surgery Dental Surgery (G.K.M.Robinson; N.J.Pomfret; M.A.Duncan; Mrs.Anne Goold; J.P.E.Goold) Dental surgery
143-147 Newland Street (143 Newland Street, 145 Newland Street, 147 Newland Street) Barnfield Place, houses (new 1998 or 1999) Residential
149-151 Newland Street (149 Newland Street, 151 Newland Street) Shop Motormania ‘Motor Store’, car accessories
153 Newland Street, The Swan Public house The Swan Public house
155-157 Newland Street (155 Newland Street, 157 Newland Street) Offices Coles Office Products Ltd. Office equipment
Newland Street (north side, east corner of Avenue Road) House, formerly Roman Catholic church) Residential
Newland Street (north side, west corner of Avenue Road) Car sales and service Grove Garage, Markham and Smith Car sales and service
Newland Street (north side, west of Grove Garage) Shop Motormania Car accessories
Newland Street (north side, west of Motormania) Car service (new building?) Kwik Fit Car service
Newland Street, Iceni House (north side, west of Kwik Fit) Office Inland Revenue Enquiry Centre Tax office
Newland Street (north side, west of Iceni House) Meeting hall Royal British Legion Hall. Used as Baptist church since c.1999 (house church for two years previous to that) Meeting hall
Newland Street (north side, east corner of The Avenue) Car sales and service Glovers Motors Car sales and service
2 Newland Street, Newbury House House Residential
4 Newland Street, Avenue House House Residential
6 Newland Street Surgery Paul Duvoisin Dental surgery
8 Newland Street House Residential
10 Newland Street House Residential
12 Newland Street Office Malcolm G.Smith ‘Insurance Consultants’
14 Newland Street (at rear) House Residential
16 Newland Street, Roslyn House Office J.Rothschild ‘Assurance’
18 Newland Street Library Witham Library Library
18 Newland Street (first floor, part) Office Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Braintree sub-district Registrar
18 Newland Street (first floor, part) Office Careers Centre Careers advice
20 Newland Street, Tiptree Villa House Residential
22-26 Newland Street (22 Newland Street, 24 Newland Street, 26 Newland Street) Houses Residential
28 Newland Street Shop Blockbuster Video hire
30 Newland Street Takeaway Favorite Chicken and Ribs Takeaway
32 Newland Street Travel agent Mayflower Travel (closed in 2001). ‘Witham Express Dry Cleaners’ opened April 2002. Travel agent
34 Newland Street Shop GK’s ‘Motoring and Leisure Store’, motor accessories and cycles
36 Newland Street Public house The George Public house
38 Newland Street Restaurant and takeaway Wimpy Restaurant and takeaway
40 Newland Street Shop Lisa Marie Ladies’ clothes
42-44 Newland Street (42 Newland Street, 44 Newland Street) Shop Boots Chemist and pharmacy
46 Newland Street Shop Celebrations ‘Cards for all occasions’
48 Newland Street Shop Sketchley. Closed December 2004. Dry cleaning
50 Newland Street Shop Martins ‘The Newsagent’, sweets, etc.
52 Newland Street Shop Bakers Oven Bread and cakes
54 Newland Street Empty shop (formerly Boots opticians, then briefly Bookstore in 1998) [September 2001, incorporated with 52 Newland Street into Bakers Oven, as restaurant; two properties linked)]
56 Newland Street Shop Olivers. Closed 2005. To open as Subway sandwich shop Sept 2005. Shoes
58a Newland Street (i.e. east end of 58) (part of 58 Newland Street) Estate agent Bairstow Eves Estate agent
58 Newland Street (i.e. west end of 58) Travel agent Travelcare (Co-op) Travel agent
60 Newland Street Shop Children’s Society. Closed Feb 2005. Charity shop
62 Newland Street Estate agent Spicer McColl Estate agent
64 Newland Street Shop Spend and Save
Closed soon after and empty for time. Opened as Fenn Wright estate agents 1 March 2002
‘Discount stores’, food etc.
66b Newland Street (i.e. east end of 66) (part of 66 Newland Street) Funeral service Bakers Funeral service
66 Newland Street (first floor) Empty office St George’s business centre moved here from Bridge St Aug 2005
66 Newland Street (i.e. west end of 66, ground floor) Estate agent Allen Estates Estate agent
68 Newland Street Empty building including shop (rebuilt 1999) Empty at first. Then opened as Bar Isis, bar, games, etc., September 2001, together with basement behind, under 4 Guithavon Street. In November 2002 renamed Sayer’s Bar. Latter lost licence Oct 2004 (bad behaviour and opening too late). Italian restaurant said to be due to open autumn 2005
70 Newland Street Shop and post office Witham Post Office. Martins (by February 2001, being run down to transfer trade and Post Office to 74-76). After gradual move, leaving just the Post Office, the Post Office itself closed 19 July 2001, and re-opened 23rd at 74-76. After this no. 70 was empty. Re-opened September 2004 as ‘Discount Warehouse’, assorted hardware, toys, stationery etc. Post Office and general store, food, newsagent etc.
72 Newland Street Travel agent Thomas Cook Travel agent
72a Newland Street (between 72 and 74) (part of 72 Newland Street) (notice calls it Langley House in 2001) Office, empty ? (Became Flower Works, flower shop, in 2003)
74-76 Newland Street (74 Newland Street, 76 Newland Street) Shop Alldays (by February 2001, being changed to include Post Office from no. 70, and became called McColl before May 2001). After gradual move of general business from no. 70, the Post Office itself closed at the latter on 19 July 2001 and re-opened here at 74-76 on 23rd July. 2001. General store, food, newsagent etc.
78 Newland Street Funeral service Richards Funeral service
80 Newland Street Shop Mellons ‘Wallcovering centre’
82 Newland Street Shop Witham Art and Framing Centre (formerly Coopers haberdashery etc. which in 1999 reduced to this site from 82-84 and then closed)
Art and Framing shut for long time in 2004 because of dry rot found when Medina Villas being refurbished – re-opened Dec 2004)
Cards, pictures, framing
84 Newland Street (front) Shop Unwins (shop formerly part of Coopers; see 82) Closed 2006 and replaced by ‘the local’ ‘Wine Merchants’, off-licence
84 Newland Street (back, part) Shop Pica Print ‘Print and copy shop’
84 Newland Street (back, part) Shop P.J.‘s Furniture ‘Used furniture’
86 Newland Street Shop Celebration Cake Arts. Closed December 2004 Re-opened Jan/Feb 2005 as ‘Personalise’ (buy stuff and they’ll put your name on it) Cake decoration accessories etc.
88 Newland Street Shop L.Holt (Butchers) Ltd. ‘Butcher and Fishmongers, Poultry, Game’
88 Newland Street (above) Office J.Priest ‘Represented at Lloyds’ – Insurance?
88 Newland Street (above) Office Aeroconsult International ???
Newland Street (between 88 and 90) Church United Reformed Church, including ‘The Centre’ Church and community centre
90-92 Newland Street (90 Newland Street, 92 Newland Street) Shop Byfords ‘Furnishers’, furniture, china, etc.
94 Newland Street Salon Silhouette du Barry Hairdressers
96 Newland Street Building society Nationwide Building society
98 Newland Street (ground floor) Shop Hospice shop Charity shop
98 Newland Street (first floor) Office Bell and Howe Solicitors
98 Newland Street (second floor) Office Prime Appointments Recruitment
100 Newland Street Batsford Court Hotel (empty) – opened as Wetherspoons 2003.
104 Newland Street Salon Alan’s; Kitty Louise Hairdressing
106 Newland Street Office R.Pipe Insurance
102-116 Newland Street, Newland Court (east of no. 118) Flats, sheltered accommodation Newland Court Residential
118-120 Newland Street (118 Newland Street, 120 Newland Street) Shop Highway Bookshop
(Liz Edwards and Trevor Naylor since June 1998) Closed 22 April 2006 and reverted to part of house.
124 Newland Street Shop Borno ‘Dispensing chemist’
126 Newland Street Empty, being refurbished
128 Newland Street Shop Four Seasons Ornaments etc. (run by health trust for people with learning difficulties)
130 Newland Street (including former forge) Public house The Crotchet (renamed Sir Norman Jarmyn’s late 2000) Public house
132 Newland Street Shop A.J.M. Glass, Witham Glass Centre Glass
14 St. Nicholas Close Empty shop (was R.and D.Gayner (Roland and Dorothy) newsagent and general store) until February 1998, then Mr and Mrs A.Nawab until sometime in 1999, then some new people who closed down late 1999)
15 St. Nicholas Close Takeaway Mandarin House ‘Chinese Food to Take Away.
15b St. Nicholas Close (part of 15 St. Nicholas Close) Salon Barnet Fair ‘Ladies and Gents Hairdressers’.
The Barn, White Horse Lane (behind the Albert) Office Manders and Shaw ‘Quantity surveyors’
Stefre House, White Horse Lane Office Witham Family Centre Community centre
Wilson House, White Horse Lane Office David Wilson Homes (Home Counties) Ltd. Building, estates
White Horse Lane (behind Wilson House) Workshops Flight Timber Products Ltd. Joinery etc.