Notes on Mrs Adelaide (Addie) Pullinger, nee Bickmore.

See interview tape 156

Born 3 October 1892 in Kelvedon. Full name Adelaide May Bickmore. Named Adelaide May after her mother’s sister who went to America.

Four brothers. Eldest Harry, then her, then Stanley, then Jack, then ???

When young they moved to Buffalo Row in Bridge Street [about opposite Faragon Terrace, since demolished. Then at some stage to Faragon Gardens [behind Faragon Terrace, since demolished] Then to Church Street?

Father was Henry Wilfred Cecil Bickmore. When they moved to Witham her father got a job at Blyth’s baking bread. He died at age of 57. Mother was Isabella, probably died in 1945.

Married in 1915, Herbert Pullinger. A Coggeshall family. He was a welder at Crittall’s for 37 years. He died c. 1960.

Two years child minding and doing housework at Mr Cutts’ fishmonger (didn’t live in). Then to Pinkham’s glove factory for five years. Finished up as ‘a head one’, ‘in charge’. Stopped work when married.

Four boys and one girl. One of boys was Jack Pullinger of Church Street.

Died January 1992 in Wickham Bishops Nursing Home