Notes on Irene Springett

See interview tape 207

Oddments, esp derived from her saying she lived in Cressing Road with her parents:

GRO Marriage index
1894 Oct/Nov/Dec
Wandsworth 1d 1123
Charles Robert Springett

GRO Marriage Index
1913 Oct/Nov/Dec
Braintree 4a 1680
Charles R Springett to Raven

GRO Birth index
1915 Jan Feb March
Braintree District 4a 1642
Irene S Springett
Mother’s maiden name was Raven

1938 electoral register
10 Cressing Road
Charles Robert Springett
Emily Alice Springett
Irene Sylvia Springett

Info from Brian Simpson of the Witham Springett family, Feb 2015.

Re Irene she is not a relative (that I have found so far) but I have done some research for you : She was still alive in 2012/3 as she was on the electoral register then as “Witham”

Her father was born in Stebbing (grandmother [Elizabeth Byford]) and was in Witham as per 1911 census. In fact I previously traced some of parents family back but as  yet non linked to my family. I believe they are linked but can not prove – a number of Springetts all moved to Rivenhall in the 1860’s from somewhere (I think brothers but have not found link as yet) a bit of a coincidence.  If I find anything / find a distant relative of Irene on Ancestry I’ll let you know.